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  • Add or change to your guitar

    What would you add/change as standard to your guitar other than pickup's. I have a Les Paul and would go for Jimmy Page wiring
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    Re: Add or change to your guitar

    Besides putting EMG's in my Ibanez, I would prob get sperzel locking tuners, an EMG Afterburner, and gold hardware... except the tuners and afterburner would have to have holes drilled into my guitar.. I'm not too keen on that, cuz as the saying goes, the more holes you put in your guitar, the worse it will sound.
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      Re: Add or change to your guitar

      on my ex-351 id get locking tuners and somehow make the body way heavier
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        Re: Add or change to your guitar

        Mods done to my RG470:

        6 fret scallop
        Fretboard edges rolled
        Neck stripped off finish, and oiled
        Duncans all around (replaces stock Ibanez V-series)
        New electronics; CTS pots, Oak-Grigsby 4P5T switch, Switchcraft jack (replaces no-brand items)
        Original Floyd Rose (replaces Takeuchi Lo-TRS system)
        Rockinger BlackBox tremsetter
        Gotoh locking nut (replaces original Takeuchi item)
        GT FatFinger

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          Re: Add or change to your guitar

          maybe new tuners, ive totally replaced all the electronics, done a bit of rewiring, gotten new knobs, and a switch cover....i like my bridge, neck, and body. ive also vintaged it a bit, so maybe new tuners, or a new nut....otherwise i really like it
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            Re: Add or change to your guitar

            Strat 1 (American HM Strat), nothing - it came perfect. (However, the middle pickups dead, so it looks like new singles are comming down the pipe [EMG SAV, SAV, 85])

            Strat 2 (MIM Standard Strat), baritone neck, new nut and tuners, new pickups, new wiring. Oh, and the Standard bridge sucks ass, so that's going too. Soon to go EMG 85/85.

            LP - New nut, tuners, switch, pots, caps, output jack & pickups. Soon to go EMG 85/81.
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              Re: Add or change to your guitar



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                Re: Add or change to your guitar

                I dont think I own a stock guitar. All pickups are duncans or old fenders, replaced all electronics, tuners, pickguards, bridges, nuts, everything.
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                  Re: Add or change to your guitar

                  new nut on my strat, and i might get round to finishing the paintjob on it one day.

                  new machine heads on the les paul, and gut the whole wiring, crappy epiphone electrics.
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                    Re: Add or change to your guitar

                    Blocking the trem, adding 2 spings for a reverby effect (not shure if it really works but I like to think it does) changed all the electronics and of course the pickups. Put some covers on the duncans. Shaller strap locks. That's about all I did to my RG, I'm happy.