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How many guitars do you currently own?

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  • How many guitars do you currently own?

    Inspired by TMD’s pedal post, how many guitars do you have? And more importantly how many do you think you need? (Points deducted for the x = n + 1 answer).

    I’m at 18. Seems excessive. I’ve got my first real guitar, an Epiphone, which I’ll never get rid of and my Fender Jazz V that was my main bass the entire time I was actually in a band. My acoustic was bought as a forever guitar and it is.... As I l’m GASsing for more guitars I’m thinking “what can I get rid of to offset?” Maybe 2 out 1 in wouldn’t be the worst thing for me.
    0 (Why am I here?)
    1 (One does it all)
    2 (Add a trusty sidekick)
    3-5 (A few good options)
    6-10 (The more the merrier)
    10-15 (Turning into a collection)
    16-20 (All basses covered, twice?)
    21-30 (Running out of room...)
    31-50 (Can you play this many?)
    51+ (true Rock God status)
    Oh no.....

    Oh Yeah!

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    I have some Les Paul redundancy, a couple need some work to be back in playing condition and I've managed to loan a few out to my kids. So, probably not as rough as 21-30 looks in the poll.
    I miss the '80s (girls) !!!

    Seymour Duncans currently in use - In Les Pauls: Custom(b)/Jazz(n), Distortion(b)/Jazz(n), 59(b)/59(n) w/A4 mag, P-Rails(b)/P-Rails(n); In a Bullet S-3: P-Rails(b)/stock/Vintage Stack Tele(n); In a Dot: Seth Lover(b)/Seth Lover(n); In a Del Mar: Mag Mic; In a Lead II: Custom Shop Fender X-1(b)


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      Three right now: a Byrd Super Avianti serving strat duty and two Kramer Barettas from the years 1987-1990. I do, however, have most of the parts needed for several more Kramer builds.


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        14, with one promising to be here by the 30th of Dec.
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          I think including cello, banjos and ciger box guitars I own 32 right now. about 15 Electrics and 8 acoustic 6 strings -rest is basses, resonators, cigar box, banjos, cello etc.

          But came in to several this year accidentally. I am goin going to be down to about 12-15 by end of 2021. and down to 7-8 within 3 years. and then 4-5 till the end. (2 Electrics -1 semi, one solid, Bass, Acoustic, Resonator)

          as I'm living overseas and in an RV in 5-7 years (I had to slide the plan out 2 years based on 2020 and family stuff.
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            Click image for larger version

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            Since 2016, I've probably bought and sold twice as many. I don't really have the room for more.


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              Originally posted by PS412 View Post
              14, with one promising to be here by the 30th of Dec.
              If you end a sentence with an abbreviation, should you use two periods of one?
              One is fine.


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                10-15. Did a quick count in my head and holding up fingers, but I just woke up and I’m holding my phone, so I think it’s 11, but I’m not 100% on that.

                Just thought of another two since I typed that, so 13?
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                  12 electrics, an electroacoustic, and an electric bass. No more real estate currently available at my apartment...
                  Guitars:Gibson LP Trad ('57 Classics), Epiphone Les Paul Special (SP90-1 set), PRS SE CU 24 Flametop (TB5/PGn), Ibanez RG870RWZ (PATB set), Jackson DK2M1H (TB4) & DK2 (TB10/VRn/CRn), LTD MH-1000HS (TB-15/Lil59n), ST213A (HRb/STK-S4 m&n) & TE212 (Hot Stack/A2Pn), Dean Cadillac 1980 (59 set) & Old Skull V (TB6/JazzN), Squier VM JM (SJM-1 set);Effects:L6 Helix, Digitech Drop & FreqOut, TC Eletronic Eyemaster, Fender FVP-1, EHX Wailer Wah & Volume Pedal;


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                    2 electrics & 3 acoustics.
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                      Umm... nothing at the moment...
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                        3, Ibanez Iceman, Jackson 7 string and LTD M401
                        1994 Ibanez IC500 Iceman reissue
                        Jackson Soloist 7 string
                        ESP LTD M-400
                        Original Marshall Silver Jubilee 2553


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                          I have 42 guitars at the moment.

                          Non - functioning: 5 semi-jacked up, damaged, projects guitars
                          Acoustic: 5 - one Ovation (jacked) one 12 and one nylon (I play acoustic solo/duo sometimes and acoustic in band)
                          Bass: 4 - one 5 string
                          Les Pauls: 4 - one Custom shop, 2 70's, and a studio
                          Semi-hollow: 3 - All Epiphone
                          V's: 4 - 2 Jackson, 2 Dean
                          Strat style: - 8 Super Strats and one real Fender
                          And some more stuff: 2 BC rich (one junk Platinum and an Epic NJ Classic Bich)

                          Guitars Specifically because of my Band - 15, 4 V's, 5 Caddy's, 2 Basses, a couple of junkers. They all get gigged for the past 6 years now...

                          Typical price paid: MOST of the guitars I buy are between $199 and $299. Many of those came with Duncan/DiMarzio's already in them. I am a brutally patient guitar sniper. Example: Tomato Red Epiphone Dot Studio with a JB & Jazz. $300. Neon Yellow Kramer ST300 w/ Screamin' Demon $160. Dean 2003 DOA Special edition 18 of 50 Silverburst Cadillac w/ JB $260.

                          5 or 6 are currently available. Call me!
                          when Hollywood is done (if) there will be probably 7-8 more available. + $20 if signed by Steve Dallas

                          How many I need?
                          1 good acoustic
                          1 bass
                          All of my Les Pauls
                          1 Caddy
                          2 Strats Real/Super
                          2 Semi 339 & Dot w/ P-Rails

                          I could live with 11...ish. Maybe...
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                            I’m up to 25. 3 acoustic guitars and 22 electrics. Not to mention all the various parts I have laying around for projects I want to get to.

                            Acoustics: Collings CJ-35, Martin 000-18, Carvin Thinline
                            Electrics: Aria Pro Neal Schon Signature, Charvel Model 88, Collings 290, EBMM LIII, 3 custom partscasters, Epiphone SG-100 (needs work), Fender Sambora Strat, Gibson Firebird Studio, ‘78 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (refinished as gold top), ‘97 Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul, Gibson WRC Limited Edition, ‘89 Jackson Dinky / Vintage-style (MIA), ‘97 Jackson Dinky (MIJ), Jackson SLS, PRS Hollowbody I, PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo, 2 Squier Strats.
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                              This thread is useless unless you include your home address...
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