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1st World Strat Problem

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  • 1st World Strat Problem

    Bit of a dilemma, and yes I totally understood this is a first world problem.

    I have multiple S/S/S s-style guitars. Each with their own sounds. One if ultra traditional 50's strat-like, another has 60s tone + a humbucker bridge, another for more Pink Floyd-type sounds. My main strat which I play most often has some custom-wounds I got a few years ago. It sounds great but very p90 like. Not enough spank and transparency for my liking, especially the neck. When I gigged it was great because of the extra mids, but now that I don't gig and listen to it in a home studio I miss that attack and definition. It kinda sounds like Gilmour with a mid boost.

    Question is: since it sounds different should I just keep it that way, since other guitars fill that void? Or buy new pickups (in which case all my strats will sound similar)?
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    Leave them.


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      yeah, leave em. im all about new pups. hell, i now have five pick guards wired up for one guitar, but if you already have a vintagey sounding strat for those tones makes sense to keep this one as it is


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        Up the pots to see how much glass you can bring out.
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          50's strat is one thing. A strat with p90ish overwound pickups is another thing - and you say you like gigging it. I say keep both of those.

          Pink Floyd sounds are pretty much just a low wind neck and middle with a high output bridge . . . which I'd figure is probably pretty damned close to 60's pickups with a humbucker in the bridge. For me, one of these two guitars would probably be on the way out. Very, very similar sounds between the two.
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            I say, wire up a pickguard with a Molex connector so you can swap them out without soldering. Switch them out as you see fit.
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              I'd leave them and play the guitars that are giving you what you want currently. What's the point in making them all sound similar? You'll find a use for it again.
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