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Any experience with the PRS "277" Baritone?

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  • Rex_Rocker
    I used to have a Mike Mushok which was FANTASTIC. Honestly, one of the best PRS SE's I had. One of the only couple that I thought were actually good, TBH.

    The neck was not any thicker than the Wide Fat in my Nick Catanese. Longer, yeah, but thicker, not at all. Honestly, I thought it made much more sense and felt less clunky on the Mushok because the guitar overall felt bigger, strings and all. I never liked the neck on the Nick Catanese, but I liked it fine on the Mushok. I don't have much experience with the Schecter neck profiles, but from the one I remember playing, I remember it being close to LTD's? Yeah, this is bigger. Kinda like Gibson 50's (not the actual 57-58 neck profile, but sorta like the 59-ish they put on the 50's Standards nowadays), but with a slightly different shape to the back and with a rounder fretboard. Except, IMO, it makes more sense in a guitar this big. I mean, after all, I'm saying that, and I don't really like the Gibson 50's in my Les Paul. To be completely honest, I'm not a big fan of PRS neck profiles in general. At least on the SE's. Except for a couple of exceptions, and this guitar might have been one. I wouldn't say the neck profile was the best part of the guitar, but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me whatsoever, and I'm pretty picky about neck profiles.

    The 27.7" scale does feel more spread out, but it still feels guitar-like. My bass is 35", but even 34" basses are much further away than regular guitars compared to 27.7. I've even got smaller hands, so that has to say something.

    About the finish, I couldn't tell you. My Mushok was silverburst, and it looked cool, or so I thought. I do see that the new Cort-made SE's seem to have much nicer tops than they were using for the Korean ones. Out of the ones I've had (and seen), only one didn't have an underwhelmingly figured top, but all were Korean.

    But then again, my Mushok was Korean and made in a completely different factory than what they're coming from now now. So take that as a grain of salt.
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  • Masta' C
    started a topic Any experience with the PRS "277" Baritone?

    Any experience with the PRS "277" Baritone?

    I recently picked up a killer Schecter C-1 Apocalypse "EX" baritone in Rusty Grey and I friggin' love it! Thinner body, slim neck, surprisingly well balanced on the strap, and the 27" scale doesn't stray too far from the 25.5" I'm used to on most of my other guitars (unlike my 28.5" scale Warmoth neck, which is quite lengthy and very different feeling). Plus, Schecter's "Apocalypse" pickups are some of my favorites and work really well with baritone tunings!

    However, in my search, I kept coming across the SE "277" model by PRS and I can't help but wondering what they are like?

    I really dig the classic PRS styling, but the 3 things that turned me off about the 277 were:

    1) Player comments suggesting that the neck was quite thick, maybe even a touch thicker than the common "wide fat" or "pattern regular" necks?
    2) I was worried that the 27.7" scale would start to feel a bit too spread out (i.e. a lot less "guitar"-like, if that makes sense?)
    3) The fact that the standard production version is only available in a terribly bland gray-burst finish. I mean, some of them look "ok" in this color depending on the depth of the fade and the quality of the figured "top", but why PRS didn't offer these in a broader range of exciting finishes is beyond me (cough:erizaverde:cough)!

    Has anyone here actually put their hands on a 277?

    If so, what are your thoughts?