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Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

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  • Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

    Lately my Epiphone has had this loud buzzing noise so I haven't been able to play it. For the past few months it would buzz sometimes, but when I wiggled the jack in the right way it would stop. So I went and re-did all the connections on th jack, but it didnt fix the problem. Do I just need to put on a new jack? I have no school today so I could try to put a new jack in if I need to.

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    Re: Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

    mine didnt buzz, but it cut out randomly, with a bit of jak wiggling it would cut back in. i took it to the local tech, and it was some obsure wire thats difficult to get to between the pickups and the jack. or so he said.
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      Re: Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

      check all the wires inside the cavity that run to the jack and look at the jack itself. If all of your connections are good check and make sure it is making good contact with the end of the cable when one is in the jack. also check your cable, you might have broken the connection at the end of the cable.

      On a side note, epiphone uses pretty crappy jacks switches pots etc. you might want to rewire all of it if you know how.
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        Re: Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

        I've heard alot that epiphones hardare is not very good and often results in problems like this. I wuld replace all jacks, pots etc. to avoid these kind of problems. This is one of the reasons why i chose not to buy an epiphone because of this issues people encounter.My advice is take it to a tech who can look at it and tell you the problem and then replace the part that is malfunctioning.
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          Re: Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

          Before you take it to a tech. Try this. Sometimes what happens is carbon will build up on the inside of the jack where the " jack goes. Roll up a piece of 400 grit sand paper, then slide iot in and out of the jack, this will clean any carbon build up. In many cases this will solve the problem.
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            Re: Buzzing problem with my Epiphone...

            Have a look for the Black wire from the Bridge that's the main ground and make sure that it's well attached. It's also cheap enough to replace the jack go for the best you can find same goes for the switch
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