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  • Engl 520 Preamp

    I found this online and I thought it looked pretty cool. Any opinions and/or info on this preamp?


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    Re: Engl 520 Preamp

    ENGL is top notch, there are some clips of them and other ENGL stuff here:

    My Soundclick page.


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      Re: Engl 520 Preamp

      I use the floor switch version of the 520, called the Tube Toner, which is now disco'd ... The 520 is GREAT!! I can post some raw (ie unmixed) clips from my upcoming album if you like, so you can hear it. There are 2 channels to the preamp, each with 2 gain stages.

      The 1st is totally 'clean', but a high output humbucker will still distort a bit. The 2nd is a mild crunch; PERFECT if you wanna do a Jimmy Page style thing. I can't help but rip into Heartbreaker every time I play on this channel! The 3rd is a mild 80's type distortion, and the 4th is pure mayhem distortion.

      2x12AX7's, lots of EQ and volume options. TONS of Gain! I play old school NWOBHM style, and I only set the gain to 4 on the 'Hard Lead' channel (ch4). The only downside to the 520 is that you need a midi controller to switch channels, which is why I went with the footswitch version ...

      I'm using a Marshall EL34 100/100, but I've heard that it also sounds amazing with a Mesa power amp. I'm sure the Engl amp sounds great too.

      One of the best features of the preamp is that it has a 1W SS power amp on it, making it a VERY high end practice amp. I plug it staight into a 1x12 cabinet, turn the gain all the way up, and it's PERFECT for quiet practice (tho it can still get fairly loud).

      For my purposes, I give it a total 10 out of 10. I've played about a dozen gigs with the Engl and have only changed the tubes once. If the price is good, BUY IT!!
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