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Geicko is giving me G.A.S.

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  • Geicko is giving me G.A.S.

    So...Geicko is airing these commercials now with the Gecko riding along in the car sleeping with the kids in the back seat....and another one featuring a bunch of dogs staring at him.

    I really like the acoustic music in the commercials, and now have acquired a bit of a case of GAS for an acoustic guitar.

    Is it bad when there is so much junk on the radio that you have to turn to auto insurance commercials for inspiration?

    So who has a good acoustic-electric that you'd recommend?
    Originally posted by Pink Unicorn Horsey
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    "How do I improve the tone of my ThrasherKidzz-O-Blaster combo??"

    The answer is always "burn it, dumbass."

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    depends on your price range..........

    but....theres two brands of guitars that i absolutely LOVE!!!

    and i've never heard or played a bad one of either kind in any model...and that's Taylors & Takamines!!!

    however...with's soooo up to your own ear/feel...they all have their own personality...even more so than just play as many different kinds as yourself a favor and don't buy one until you've played at least 6 or 7 different kinds...

    just my advice...good luck shopping...i love my tak and wouldn't trade it or sell it for anything!!!

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    God hates bad guitar tone
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