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  • Help!!!

    Should I but this Thomas Organ Cry Baby Model 95-910511 70s RARE AND VINTAGE Wah?

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    Re: Help!!!

    Yes... you want 3 of them! Make sure they are tube driven though
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      Re: Help!!!

      Depends on what you want. I have one on my board, and I like it better than the other two wahs I have: a Dunlop Crybaby Classic and a new Vox Clyde McCoy. I bought mine used in 1973, to replace an original VOX that was stolen. It sounds a little nastier and throatier than the newer Classic. The Crybabys are more for "rock"; the Vox is best for wacka-wacka Shaft figures.

      But they are getting stupid money for these in some cases, and my thought is there are some very good modern wahs that sound great and could be had cheaper. If you spend that kind of money on one, you'd be foolish to mod it, for one thing. And you may have to spend a bit of time, if not money to maintain it and clean it up, depending on the condition. Don't forget, there's no 9-volt socket or battery door on the older ones. I power mine off my Furman SPB-1 pedal board with a battery clip adaptor.

      That's about I can tell you. Happy hunting!

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