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  • NPD - MXR 10 band

    First eq pedal for me. $50 used at GC. Not a mark on it. No box or wart either.

    I'll try in front and in the loop of my Orange. I also want to try it with my Beta Lead to add a little bottom.

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    Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

    Great pedal. When I was still using tube amps and pedals, I always had it in the effects loop and I set the EQ knobs at 12 o'clock and used the 10 band as my EQ.
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      Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

      Originally posted by Johnny the Kid View Post
      Great pedal. When I was still using tube amps and pedals, I always had it in the effects loop and I set the EQ knobs at 12 o'clock and used the 10 band as my EQ.
      Haven't tried in a loop yet, but sounds great boosting a Big Muff into the SUNN. Thick-Fuzzy goodness.


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        Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

        Great deal, great pedal. I used one in the loop and it is glorious......


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          Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

          I run mine in FX loop of an Orange Dark Terror...With it, I can do anything!!! I like setting it up to mimic my channel 2 from the EVH 5150 III, run both amps in stereo and crank away. Makes channel 3 of the EVH stand up and shout , then go back to "2" channel 2's and slay rythm for days.
          Yeah, I HAVE to have the 10 band on at all times, just a killer pedal! Congrats
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            NPD - MXR 10 band

            Got one of these to put on my board a month ago and just changing the LEDs because some of them are dead but pedal works great, My first EQ too.
            I scoop the mids on mine in conjunction with a boss hm-2 to get really lo fi fuzzy noise reminiscent of Norwegian black metal

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              Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

              Spent a little time with this pedal finally. Had to get an 18v wart. Loving it through my Orange's loop. I have a 2x12 that always sounded a little boxy. Now with a touch of this and dip of that.....oh, so juicy and harmonic. Its a keeper.


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                Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                such a great tone shaping tool to have in your arsenal


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                  Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                  I'm interested in getting one of these as well... I just recently picked up a great Vox AC30C2 I love this amp. I really love the clean channel on this amp. I was reading that some people say using a EQ is a must. They were saying it helps you have a bit more control over the overdrive and also possibly with the brightness of these amps. I love the way the amp sounds as is but I was thinking of giving this a shot. This 10 band MXR eq caught my eye.


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                    Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                    Fantastic deal! I bought mine used on eBay several years ago and I think I paid at least $90 for it.

                    Running an EQ in the effects loop is definitely the way to go. Nice steal, have fun w/ it!


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                      Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                      I love mine.

                      Remember when the two young hikers were told "Stay on the Moors" in American Werewolf in London (because something very bad can happen elsewhere)? Well, my advice to you to to stay mostly OFF the uppermost bands unless you want soul-draining hiss. Adjust the highs with your amp.
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                        Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                        Absolutely essential to have an EQ pedal in the loop for me. Great choice you did there.
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                          Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                          What's the deal with the new white one?
                          Oh no.....

                          Oh Yeah!


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                            Re: NPD - MXR 10 band

                            I've had mine for over 10 years now. Still going strong. It's a great EQ.
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