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Anybody try Chase Bliss Audio pedals?

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  • Anybody try Chase Bliss Audio pedals?

    They seem to be highly tweakable units, with most of them having at least 6 knobs and 21 switches, with 18 of then being dip switches.

    Anybody here have any experience with any particular models?
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    Re: Anybody try Chase Bliss Audio pedals?

    I’ve been interested in them, but haven’t pulled the trigger for a couple of reasons.

    -I am not creative enough to have usage for the wild sounds that are the defining feature of some the pedals
    -The major improvement is “digital brain, analog heart” which means the LFO is controlled digitally. I’d be more interested in standard LFOs that drive different “effects engines”, i.e. rather than a bunch of ways to control a single Flanger circuit, I’d like to have multiple Flanger circuits (MXR, EHX, ADA, etc.) that can be controlled.
    -That said, the pedals I think I could get a ton of enjoyment out of are the Brothers, Tonal Recall and Condor. They are pedals that I could use the MIDI presets and various options pretty effectively. The Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo and Thermae all fall outside what I’m looking for in those pedals.

    Incredibly awesome company, founder, idea and pedals though!
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      Re: Anybody try Chase Bliss Audio pedals?

      I have a couple of beers on stage -so absolutely no Chase Bliss on my board.

      But love them for recording.

      They're completely awesome pedals if you can live with guilt of missing rent. haha.
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        Re: Anybody try Chase Bliss Audio pedals?

        I'd love to try them out, they seem hella cool, but my rule of thumb is I'm not paying more for a pedal than I would for a second tube amp.
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