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Expression Pedal for PC plug-ins?

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  • Expression Pedal for PC plug-ins?

    What's the easiest way to control effects in plug-ins with an expression pedal?

    Am I to understand I need a Midi controller of some sort in addition to the actual expression pedal?

    Are there any reasonably priced expression pedals that are straight plug n' play for PC without the need for a separate controller?

    Also, I happen to have an old Turtle Beach USB-to-MIDI cable (like this: LINK). Are there pedals with full-size MIDI ports on them? If so, maybe I can use the cable instead of buying an additional controller?

    Any help or input is greatly appreciated!

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    Behringer FCB 1010.

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      Originally posted by Obsessive Compulsive View Post
      Behringer FCB 1010.
      That definitely looks like it could work, but it's huge! Would take up most of my foot space under my desk (I'm currently sharing my home office with my wife who is stuck working from home still, so space is at a premium)

      I really don't need that many switches, either.

      I was hoping to find something a bit more simple. A single pedal would be fine...or something with just a couple foot switches that's rather small.


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        The Behringer is one hell of a pedal. I've used mine for years controlling my guitar synth/looping rig. I am sure someone makes an expression pedal with a midi input. I think I've seen it before. You are limited to a preset CC number, I think.
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          I googled and found this, but I reckon you must have beaten me to it (it's the internet...duh):


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