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  • Moen pedals?

    Just ordered a Moen 5 band eq and a Moo Fuzz. Anyone ever heard of them? I'm having a bit of buyers remorse right now. Total for both was a little over 60 bucks with shipping and tax. I'm a sucker for little known and/or cheap efx long as they sound good. I own a few TC Electonics "budget" pedals and love them.

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    Why buyers remorse? Cheap pedals are usually a copy of well known circuits, and they're cheap as chips. If they work and don't have a ton of extra noise, go with it!

    I picked up a Caline 10 band eq when I couldn't sort out a noise issue on an older black box MXR. I noticed no difference between the Caline and a working properly version of the MXR.
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      I bet the fuzz will sound great. Fuzzes are incredibly simple and cheap to build circuits.

      EQs can be a little more problematic - cheaper components will often introduce noise when boosting. If you notice that it's noisy, try using it to cut rather than boost frequencies.
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        I have a Moen Shaky Jimi and it's a great Easyvibe clone, even sturdy. I had for a couple of years on my board until I bought a Microvibe.
        Caline produces also great pedals with pretty high quality, NUX too, Tonecity, Mooer, and can we forget Mosky Audio 20€ Golden Horse, a Klon clone that even has Ge diodes?


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          Sorry it's been awhile since I've been able to get Swing shifts kinda suck. Anyways, I had buyer's remorse till I got them. I really love the fuzz, nice and creamy! The eq running through my efx loop makes my amp grow a big hairy set! REALLY brings out the great Marshall tone, or should I say "enhances" it. Ran the eq through the front, very different how the pedal and amp(jcm600 2x12) interact, not a bad sound, but I like the efx loop better. It makes the amp really come alive, or something. I don't know how to describe it...awesome?


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            In my experience, Moen is similar in quality to Joyo and Caline, but they tend to fly under the radar in terms of popularity. I have their ABY on my board at this very moment. No issues so far!


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              Originally posted by trevorus View Post
              Why buyers remorse? Cheap pedals are usually a copy of well known circuits
              Bingo. These manufacturers are not making their own designs so tonally it should sound fine. The biggest problems with cheaper pedals are manufacturing defects and durability.