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anyone tried Hotrails?

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  • anyone tried Hotrails?

    any opinions on the Hotrails pickups? i was wondering how they would sound in the neck and middle positions of a poplar body with maybe a JB at the bridge. classic rock to heavey metal being the intended use of the guitar.

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    I had one in the bridge position of my old strat about a change in sound from the single coil! it sounded really old guitar teacher of mine (about 10 years ago) used to use one even if he had a traditional humbucker space open..

    not sure how it would sound in the neck or middle, but it's a really hot pickup..would probably sound great in the neck as well
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      1 thing to keep it mind is that it's very high output.

      In the bridge - 16.9 k

      In the neck - 10.8k

      I have a bridge version, and theres practically no clean tone you can get from it. Even on clean its already overdriving. But when it comes to distortion and pinch harmonics its really thick (beefs up your bridge position like crazy).

      In the neck with 10.8k resistance, you probably would get some cleans... I'd probably go for a couple of vintage rails. Maybe a couple of classic stacks with a JBJr.
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        i just installed a hot rails in the neck of a kids fat strat and it sounde pretty good. big and warm with strong output but not too over the top to get a good clean sound


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          i used to have one in a that thing rocked!!!

          when i get another tele...i'm definitely putting one in the bridge...and yeah, it doesn't take much to break it up...!?

          it is gotta be a little careful with what you put it with, you don't want it to overpower the other pups...but you can adjust the height and stuff to compensate a little...!?
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            (As I said in the old forum)
            "In my completely unbiased opinion, I think the HR would work well in the bridge or neck positions."

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              I think they're a tad midrangey in the bridge, but I really like them in the neck pos. since they balance well with a fullsize humbucker.
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                Originally posted by Gearjoneser
                I think they're a tad midrangey in the bridge, but I really like them in the neck pos. since they balance well with a fullsize humbucker.
                which humbucker do you think would be a good match? and how about a cool rails or vintage rails for the middle?


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                  I've got one in the bridge position of my Tele (with a Duncan Classic Strat Stack in the middle, and a Lace Tele neck pickup in the neck.)

                  I love this thing in the bridge with one caveat...I wouldn't use it without a series/parallel switch. While the series tone is a great one trick pony, the parallel tone gets it back into Fender territory.

                  The series tone is a GREAT distortion tone, being wonderfully voiced and focused. All distortions, be they amp or effect are driven great with the HR. But it is very high output and the clean tone is limited. Mixed with the other pickups, the output is tamed. In parallel though, the output drops to match well with the other pickups and it becomes clear and fairly bright...though not ever strident.

                  To wire this pickup in without series/parallel capability is to miss out on half of it's potential.
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                    My Rock Legend has a JB in the bridge and 2 hot rails. The pickups are actually very warm-sounding, in my opinion. I like 'em, but it gets a little tubby.
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                      I have used the Hot Rails for over 11 years. It is one of the best rock, Strat bridge pickups ever made. Combine it with a Vintage Pro-Co Rat and you will be in rock heaven.
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                        Do yourself a favor and try one out! Remeber SD has an excellent return exchange policy(21 day) if your not satisfied with the pickup. I'm really digging the hot rail(16.5K) I put in the neck slot of my Jackson SL1. I can work with the muddyness on the wound 5 and 6 strings, that doesnt concern me. The payoff is the smooth singing lead tones you get up the neck...sustain for days! And no voulume drop when switching from the bridge. But if you want any cleans from your neck PU, you may want to try the neck(10K) version.
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