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which single coil for middle?

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  • which single coil for middle?

    OK, since i rarely use the middle position single coil on my charvel, im gonna replace the dimarzio chopper with a real single coil to get a more versatile sound than what i get with the chopper. i've been loking around the site for good SC's but i cant make up my mind. since i'd most likely be using it for cleaner rhythm stuff and sometime some nice Texas style blues, i want something that's not too bright and not too bassy. as by the descriptions, the antiquity texas hot looks realy appealing, but so does the A2 vintage flat!
    help me make up my mind! if you have another recommendation, please go ahead


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    Re: which single coil for middle?

    I really like the SSL-1. A friend of mine has one in his ESP Skull and Snakes, and it sounds wonderful.
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      Re: which single coil for middle?

      Based on your description, IMHO the APS-2 would be a better bet than the SSL-2. (I have both in the middle of different strats.) Can't speak to the Antiquity...

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