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  • Dial-a-tap

    Since there are a couple of threads about the "spin-a-split" with humbuckers, I thought it would be a good idea to mention that the schematic in "Support - Tech Tips" does not work for an adjustable tap on an S-D single coil.

    This diagram shows how to use a SP/DT switch to tap a single coil. You select either the white (full coil) or red (partial coil) lead as hot.

    To get a dial-a-tap, wire as follows:

    Pot #3 - white & wire to switch
    Pot #2 (wiper) - red
    Pot #1 - empty

    As I mentioned in one of the other threads, a 100k pot worked much better for a dial-a-tap with a Quarter Pound in a strat. I do want to make it a "no load" pot to ensure that I'm getting the full output of the QP at "10".

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    good stuff chip ... thanks !!

    and damn, that is one fine looking guitar in your avatar

    have a good weekend
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