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  • EVH Custom Shop HB pup

    Has anyone on the DL used this pup? Thinking real hard about slapping this into the bridge position of my Les Paul. At the moment I am using A2pb/59n and C5b/59n. Looking to get a little more versaility... Really love the Alnico II magnet. Also, if you respond positivly to the question above, what neck pup would suit it best; A2Pn?

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    Re: EVH Custom Shop HB pup

    I got one a few months ago. For me, it redefines the term "punchy" while providing a nice clear clean tone.

    If you have the scratch, MJ will wind you a matching neck pickup. I'm pretty happy with it, too.
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      Re: EVH Custom Shop HB pup

      I bet it would sound awesome in a LP...

      I think they are "normally" trem-spaced, but being Custom Shop it should easily be made standard spaced.

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        Re: EVH Custom Shop HB pup

        I have that pickup in an ernie ball axis with an a2p in the neck. I love it - clean wise the fact it has an a2 magnet means that you cleans dont sound overly bright - i would never play an a5 bridge pickup clean. The pickup sounds fantasti eith a bit of gain - it has a lot more mids than a 59 (so make sure that is to your liking), it is warmer than a 59, but still has a lot of clarity for an a2 pickup.
        As far as a good neck pickup to go with it, the A2 pro is OK( output-wise it is a good match), but i have to say that i dont particularly like the sound i get with both pickups selected - it is just a bit to middy for me. I imagine the same would happen if you used the EVH neck pickup aswell. I am thinking of putting a 59 in there instead. - the reduced mids in the 59 would probably work better.
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          Re: EVH Custom Shop HB pup

          What kind of magnet does the EVH pup use? Anyone know what its EQ and output is like?


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            Re: EVH Custom Shop HB pup

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              Re: EVH Custom Shop HB pup

              Originally posted by Jeff5
              What kind of magnet does the EVH pup use? Anyone know what its EQ and output is like?
              my bud has a 25th anniversary charvel with that pup in it
              it has a alnico II magnet and a relatively lower output.
              a little hotter than a duncan pearly gates