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  • Wiring Schematic

    Hello guys!
    I'm new here so I need some help!

    I need a schematic for this:

    Guitar: Strat

    Pickups: Jb Jr in bridge
    SSl-1 in middle
    Little 59 in neck

    Wiring: Standard (Pos1. Bridge, Pos2. Bridge/Middle, Pos.3 Middle, Pos.4 Middle/Neck, Pos.5 Neck)

    Control pots: 1 tone pot (250K) for bridge tone - .22 uF capacitor
    1 tone pot (250K) for neck tone - .47 uF capacitor
    1 volume pot (250K)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Wiring Schematic

    if you look at the schematic page, youll find a diagram for a strat with single coil sized buckers. follow that but wire up the ssl1 instead, it only has two wires, one goes to the switch, the other to ground


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      Re: Wiring Schematic

      Actually, there's no diagram from seymour duncan which would give me exactly what I want. There's only one showing 3 single coil sized humbucker with a neck tone pot and a middle tone pot using the same capacitor. I hope someone help me to find what i'm looking for.


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        Re: Wiring Schematic

        it doesn't matter. just follow that same shematic only pretend that the single coil in the bridge is actually a humbucker. same thing


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          Re: Wiring Schematic

          Ok, thanks! But what about the tone pots? In that diagram, they control middle pickup tone and neck pickup tone. I want one to control BRIDGE tone and other to control NECK tone. Besides that, both of them would have a different capacitor (the tone pots wouldn't be connected to each other).
          Thanks again!