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Please help creating an original combo!!!

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  • Please help creating an original combo!!!

    Hi guys!
    At first i'd like to say "hi to all", 'cause this is my first post in this forum!

    A week ago i've bought a strange American Strat, with Ash/Alder/Poplar body (I don't know for sure), maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and some strange tremolo, which looks like half-vintage.
    I want it to be nothing, but a WARM strat, with both: great cleans and distortion. I play mostly modern rock, modern jazz, jazz-rock, fusion, a lot of old covers (Iron Maiden, Guns&Roses), and just love the warm clean sounds for rhytm or warm heavy (almost) distortion for lead (need a lot of this in fusion).
    I was thinking about combination of JBJr (bridge), Cool Rails (neck), no idea for MIDDLE. Is this a good combo for me and my needs?? If yes, then what for middle?? Have you got any ideas of combos for me??
    PS: Sorry for my english...

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    Re: Please help creating an original combo!!!

    with ash, alder, popular body. THanks for the Help j/k

    Actually if you want a really warm strat, I like one song that Yngwie Malmsteen does, Arpeggios From Hell. It's not really a traditional strat tone but it's a cool tone to me IMO. He uses dimarzio's Hs-3 and his signature YJM pups (also from dimarzio I'd reccomend a hs-2). The bass response is bumped up a bunch and it's warmth is nice. from duncan I'd suggest either the APS-II's or the Texas hots w/ custom bridge from duncans antiquity,
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