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Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?

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  • Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?

    Which one and why, assuming all variables are the same, Using a Marshall DSL50 .... Looking for old 80's style tones, but not limited to George Lynch .
    Scramin Demon
    Full Shred

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    Re: Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?

    Hey Rick, I can't compare the Full Shred with the Screamin Demon, since I've only used the Demon but I like the Demon alot. It doesn't sound like George's older 80's stuff's more open and almost hi-fi sounding. I think the Duncan Distortion sounds more like the stuff off his older albums. It's still a great pickup though IMO....I'm thinking of putting it back in my new guitar to give it another shot at a different body-wood.


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      Re: Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?


      That's cool tough I really am not lookling to sound like George Lynch, more like ...Rikus LynchCampbell You know the guy you jammed with at my house

      Seriously, I want my own tone, but It is for that 80's style stuff. I want it to be thick and chunky, yet I want it to Scream on Command from anywhere on the finger board, and yet still be able to have definition when I play chords.

      The Full Shred is close to that , BUT there are certain places on the neck where the harmonics just fizzle out when I hit them.


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        Re: Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?

        the last thing on my mind when i bought the Demon was George Lynch... but he's one of my fav players...

        the FS IMO is a better neck unit, i have it in my Ibanez S540 & it delivers individual note clarity at high gain settings. i bought the Demon because it gives a very impressive midrange+bass growl i like to hear, especially when palm muting...
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          Re: Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?

          I had a dsl and a Demon and it worked great for 80's metal
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            Re: Screamin Demon Or Full Shred ?

            Custom 5, Screamin Demon, and JB work great for that sound.
            C-5 has tight lows and and open AC/DC to VH sound.
            Screamin Demon has good high end cut and smooth mids and lows.
            JB has thick tone on solos, and full of thick mids.
            CC is good if you want to have a thick and full tone with buttery highs.
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