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Changing over to an HS Strat

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  • Changing over to an HS Strat

    No, that's not a typo. I'm thinking about changing my Texas Special Strat (surf pearl, alder body with 1-piece maple neck) over to a HB (trembucker) in the bridge and a Strat SC at the neck -- no middle pickup. I'm also considering a Phat Cat or SM-1 or SM-3 at the neck like I have on some Teles, but I'd like to hear some opinions about Strat neck pickup (vintage or noiseless) and bridge HB combos.

    I have a spare SSL-1 here, so I could start with that and a 59 TB, but I wouldn't mind a noiseless solution at the neck and a HB that sounds like a fat, overwound Tele pickup. I play primarily blues and blues-based rock material through vintage Fender (BF) and Gibson (tweed) amps (plus an EL84 15 watter for good measure).

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    Re: Changing over to an HS Strat

    bump - anyone able to help?

    maybe a lil 59 in the neck to go with a 59 b?

    just a thought

    good luck
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      Re: Changing over to an HS Strat

      Yet another opportunity for me to spout off about my new favorite combo . . .

      Quarter Pound, or maybe an SSL-6, "tapped", with a C5 at the bridge.
      Killer combo. (At least, from my amatuer point of view.)


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        Re: Changing over to an HS Strat

        i wouldn't call you amatuer, Artie

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