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What are the Dualities like?

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    Originally posted by Rex_Rocker View Post
    TBH, I've wanted to try those for A LONG time, but what has kept me from it has been: first, my bad experience with the standard AHB-1B, and second, I don't like Slipknot or their tone.
    i hear ya.
    the sound of periphery is also the reason i didn't try the alpha omega set although the specs look like something i might like.
    maybe they sound great, but there is an obnoxious spike in their guitar sound in all of their recordings. must be coming from somewhere. too high of a risk.

    I don't like the sound of Slipknot too.
    but i didn't care. i traded them for a pair of 81/60 which i have a 2nd pair anyway.
    As said. the std. blackouts where unusable for me (bloated bass and lowmids (fun for 15 mins) not tight at all and way too hot). heared some good demos that's why i gave them a shot.

    The EMTYs suit me much better and are definitely tight. I don't play them too often, because I don't really have a guitar for them reserved. An explorer built with at least 25" scale for drop tunings is planned though.

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