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Favorite humbuckers that split?

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    Black Winters, bridge or neck. Both split really well.


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      ill have to open up my hamer monaco to see what i use, but it made a huge difference. i think it was 1.5k on pgn.

      in general hot bridge buckers split well, low output bright buckers dont without some way to accommodate that like a partial split


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        Originally posted by hamerfan View Post

        I did a search over several guitar forums. The 1.1 and 2.2k were among the lowest values. Most folks prefered round 4k, Lindy Fralin recommends 7k.
        My band mate shot a Starfield Special (Ibanez Custom Shop USA, Suhr neck pup with 7.5k), which had 1k. This was much too brite, thin and of low volume. We settled with 5k at last.
        Brighter and thinner is, after all, the whole point of split wiring.
        Naturally a lot depends on personal taste and on the particular pickup in question.
        The 1.1/2.2 splits on my PRSs are light but sweet - I don't find them harsh or brittle, though certainly some might prefer stronger split tones.

        Larger resistors offer not just beefier tone and less volume drop, but also better noise rejection.
        It all hinges on how singelcoily you want your split settings.

        That's why I generally recommend 10K trimpots instead of fixed resistors.
        Then you can dial it in by ear exactly the way you like, then close the guitar up.
        And if you tastes (or your rig) ever change, you can readjust it in moments any time you want.
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