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Looking for the right replacement humbucker for a slide guitar

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  • Looking for the right replacement humbucker for a slide guitar

    I have two slide guitars. One has two Epiphone humbuckers (they are not Epihone's current alnico vintage models, but an older, lower-end model). The other slide guitar has a 28-year-0ld Seymorized Mini-Humbucker (I believe this model is still available on the Seymor Duncan website; it is a hot version of the Firebird mini with similar volume output to a regular humbucker, but much brighter).

    The problem with the Epiphone humbuckers is that the response on the high E string is very weak compared to the B and G strings. On the guitar with the Seymorized mini humbucker the high string response is much better, as are high pitched harmonics. When played unplugged, both guitars have a fairly even response across the strings.

    What kind of full-sized replacement humbucker would give me better slide guitar response on the high E string?

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    I would think any humbucker with the tone you like that has adjustable poles would work (which is most of them). You can certainly tilt the pickup, too. Duncans are generally very balanced unless it is a lower-output pickup that has poles that completely miss the strings.
    Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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      I think an Alinco 2 Pro might be somewhat similar in sound to the Seymourized Firebird pickup. Other options might be a Seth or Antiquity. Brobucker would be a good option also. A Pearly Gates or Jazz would brighten up the high E, B, G strings. Not clear to me if you want the E, B, G to be thicker/rounder, or brighter. Making it louder is just a matter of pickup height and adjustable screw height.


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        there isnt really a full size bucker that sounds like the sm2, which is a great up by the way. any duncan is going to be better than what you have now. on the guitar with the epi buckers, the e string is quiet on both pups? are you looking for a set of pups or just one?