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  • Parts Drawer Clean-Out!


    Looking to make some room and have a bunch of random parts I'd prefer to sell as a lot. These are parts and pieces from various guitars, parts and projects that have passed through my hands over the years. No real rhyme or reason to what you see here, but I simply don't have a use for this stuff anymore.

    Please note that I make no guarantees as to the condition or completeness of any items shown. These are just misc. parts from the good ol' parts drawer and are being sold as-is.

    A couple notes: The 2 pickups shown are genuine Fender Telecaster pickups, but they are for parts only...the bridge pickup has a visibly nicked wire coming off the solder joint and someone added a couple extra wires to the bottom of the neck pickup for some reason. Also, the saddles on the Strat-style bridge shown in the back are missing the little set screws used for saddle height adjustment.

    That said, there are quite a few good finds here that more than justify the asking price, including a vintage Kahler locking nut and spring claw, a number of parts from licensed Floyd Rose style bridges, a new bone nut, vintage straplocks with strap buttons, a complete set of Ibanez neck screws with matching body ferrules, several locking nuts of various makes/sizes, various bridge posts and body inserts, acoustic bridge pins, control knobs, and more!

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    PM sent on both parts lots