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Delta Gotoh 510 Antique Gold 3x3 21:1

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  • Delta Gotoh 510 Antique Gold 3x3 21:1

    Taken off my Taylor Custom W14CE-LTD. They hadnot seen a lot of use when I bought the guitar, but were not brand new. I took them right off in favor of the exact same model, but in the Magnum Locking version, because I’m lazy at string changes. These are conservatively Very Good, but in reality Excellent and Near Mint. The Antique finish is beautiful and they operate very smoothly.

    When I installed the new tuners, I used the existing nuts/bushings and screws for the mounting holes in the back, because I’m weird about screws going back in the same holes, so the bushings are new and the screws are still in the plastic bag. I thought I was going to hang onto these because I thought San Antonio was going to be home home, but life circumstances change and we are moving back to Denver; so extra stuff needs to go as we downsize.

    SOLD SOLD SOLD to your door in the lower 48. (Please note, the box model number is for the Magnum Lock set, but this is NOT THE LOCKING SET).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	AF038FD7-8B46-44B8-A429-0B03B4BE5072.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	59.0 KB ID:	6051194

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2DB0D0BD-AD26-47DC-88AB-716C5643D67F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	92.7 KB ID:	6051195
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    Those are damn good tuners.


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      Thanks....yes, they are. I don’t have lots of different hobbies so on the one real hobby I have I like to have the nicest stuff I can afford. These are the smoothest tuners I have used.


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        Factoid: 510 is what Gotoh sounds like to an English-speaking ear. 510 = Gotoh.


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          5 = "Go", 10 = "To" (sort of like "toe")


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            HOW ABOUT $85?????


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              Sale Pending. SOLD SOLD SOLD
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