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Jolly's very "Strange" song....kinda "Beatlesque"

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    Originally posted by midnite_man
    Kinda reminded me of a slowed down version of The Doors "Whiskey Bar" (I think that's the title), but of course with quite a spicier ending.
    I saw colors, man, tracers.....

    Nice Clip, bro!
    Actually that's called "Alabama Song". That's an interesting comparison. I never would have put those two together. That's one of my favorite Doors songs. Glad you liked.


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      I took the opportunity to listen to "I Don't Mind" and thought it was also a great song. Thanks for the inspiration!
      I'd really like to here more of your music.



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        Ah, thanks for the correction. They play that Doors number on a local classic rock FM station up here in Portland, OR quite often, so that's how my response to your song popped into my head.
        But, yes, it is also Beatlesque.
        Nice work!


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          Took a look at your axes while I was d/ling your song. Beautiful collection! I'm still wiping the drool off my keyboard.


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            AH MAnn i abosolutly love the ending so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!top marks jolly"!!
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