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Recommend me a smooth OD pedal

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    Re: Recommend me a smooth OD pedal

    Originally posted by majewsky View Post
    Maybe an Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive?

    Nice pedal, but not what's called for here I don't think. As I have one of these and the Xotic AC Booster, I know where my money would go for what's being described.
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      Re: Recommend me a smooth OD pedal

      Originally posted by CTN View Post
      Jordan, I dunno man, I want to like the rawkworks but it's sounding too trebley to my ears. maybe you're just spoiled by your bassman and aren't hearing that trebley stuff. As for the kloned balls - It might fit my personality, but it ain't gonna fit on my pedalboard!
      Yeah it could be my setup. If I happen to go to Guitar Center in the next few weeks I will make sure to try it with the Tubemeister and if I find it sounds like what you're looking for I'll let you know.
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        Re: Recommend me a smooth OD pedal

        Originally posted by Phantasmagoria View Post
        If you're open to the "Made in Thailand" tag (and make no mistake...these are quality pedals)....

        Most awesome sounding OD I've ever laid my hands on. Smooth & warm as ****. This guy makes the best-sounding pedals in the universe (to my ears...)

        ....& they don't break the bank either

        With a LP...

        With a Strat...

        ...& the "mod" version that's apparently voiced even warmer...

        That's really cool pedal, indeed!
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          Re: Recommend me a smooth OD pedal

          I'm kinda unsure about the Morning Glory. It sounds nice for the most part but there's something in the gain structure that I'm not liking. it's sounding a slight bit too harsh and hairy.

          but here's how i'm feeling about those three I shortlisted;

          Mad Professor Royal Blue: This gets me excited. It's just got a soul and characteristic that I find very sexy, smooth, and tasty.

          Barber Gain Changer: It's got lots of options to toy with, combined with the fact that its creator is widely renown as a monster pedal guru. It's intriguing. I feel like this could easily get the job done, but my feelings are more scientific about this, not as raw and emotional as the Royal Blue.

          Xotic AC booster: I am not particularly excited or intrigued by this one. But I know that it could more than likely get the job done. It's safe.

          So should I go with the raw emotions, the scientific curiosity or the safe option?

          or something else entirely?


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            Re: Recommend me a smooth OD pedal

            Originally posted by hermetico View Post
            That's really cool pedal, indeed!
            Yeah thanks man...I love's fantastic.

            I've got three of this guy's pedals now ...this one, plus his "Visa Distortion" & "Soft Delay"

            (that's all of them I think....except for the "mod" version of that Warm Drive) & they're all pretty outstanding.
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