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  • Please help me

    Does anyone know how to remove side mags from Invader? Please help me. Thanks in advance

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    welcome to the forum!

    carefully unscrew the base plate and slide them out. youll need to put some kind of spacer in there before you tighten the baseplate back up. you need to be careful of the coil wires cause you can kill your pup if you break one but its not hard if you are careful and go slow


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      Yup, what Jeremy said...unwrap the tape from the bobbins, unscrew the 4 small screws on the baseplate, carefully pull the baseplate down, remove side mags, replace with spacers, put it back together.


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        I don't even unwrap the tape. I just use a popsicle stick / tongue-depressor, to carefully lift one side of the tape and push the mag out. And I only do a turn or two on the screws. I don't remove them. Then again, that's for the "main" mags. I've never done the side mags.

        But try to use wood. A screwdriver can chip the mags.


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          i use a chopstick


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            Ah, so.


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              Chopsticks are nice, or anything with a rounded end, it will help any wires want to move to the side and assist in not chipping the magnet. I use a screwdriver for small electronics and haven't chipped a magnet or pushed a wire after many magnet flips and swaps. I am probably going to start using my wifes chopsticks now though!